Story acceptance

Early morning story acceptances are the best.

The previous day, in the morning, as I was preparing for my trip to Pune, my phone flashed. Whee, a new notification! A red  & white Gmail icon on the top left side of my phone.

Inbox = 1.

Swiping down, without unlocking the phone, shows only the subject of the email, not the contents. It was the response to a story, one of my favourites I have written, from Truancy magazine.  Needless to say, I dreaded a rejection. So, I took my time opening the email. I brushed my teeth, had my breakfast, changed, and got ready.

As I was heading out, I decided to open the email. I braced myself for another imaginary e-slip to the wall. (Readers of Stephen King would get the reference)

To my immense surprise, the story had been accepted. I didn’t jump up and down in joy, but my heart was still leaping. A smile crept across my face. The story had finally got a home, after two years worth of rejections, almost all of them personal.

I first wrote it in 2016. It hasn’t changed much since then. I believed in it then, I believe in it now.

Belief keeps a writer going, trust me. These little nuggets of praise and validation keep a writer going.

My story, “Waiting for Karaga” will be published in Truancy 5, come Boxing Day. Have a look at the website, and read all the gorgeous, evocative stories already published there.


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